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The Home of 'inspire Yoga'
& musical duet 'Acacia'

(view from 'inspire yoga' room)

"The Spoonstudio provides a mix of services as you will see while browsing through our site.  Practicing Yoga is always a deep experience, regardless of location.  However, what the Spoonstudio adds to this experience is natural ambiance ... the waves, the smell of the fresh sea air, the gulls, chickadees, harbour porpoise, cormorants, eagles ... the purple sunsets over the Islands ... all adding to an already blissful experience.  Here, we hope to inspire you to be inspirational. We do everything with heart.
Meet us at the waters' edge."

'inspire yoga' at
Eastern Passage
Nova Scotia, Canada
CELL:  (902) 403-YOGA 

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Simply search for inspire yoga to become a 'friend'
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Visit 'workshops & events' page to see about booking our
'inspire room' for your special occasion

Follow this link to see a short youtube video on 'inspire yoga':

  "Got to see and hear the ocean, feel a beautiful ocean breeze, see some chickadees, and dolphins all while doing yoga at the beautiful Spoonstudio in Eastern Passage - home of 'inspire yoga' - perfect end to a perfect day :)"
facebook post from Laura

CD with Gail Fulop, RYT

$10 (if you purchase directly from 'inspire yoga')
+ shipping (if you're not picking it up).

 If you have been looking for a very gentle introduction to a Yoga Asana practice and have found that many CDs aren't 'beginner enough' this could be the CD you've been looking for.  The class was actually recorded at 'inspire yoga' so you hear the sound of the wind and waves in the background. 
The CD begins with 'Along The Way', an original composition by Gail & Wayne Slaunwhite, to put you in the mood for your relaxing class. 
The CD insert has photos of all asanas (postures) to help you along if you are new to Yoga.  It is very basic and the instructions very detailed to help you 'along the way'.  The pace is very slow so that you have time to move into each posture and so that your body has time to feel each pose
and get used to it. 
After repeated practice with this CD, you should feel confident enough to join a Beginner Class, if confidence was holding you back
 from signing up for one.
If you have any questions about anything while using this CD, feel free to email Gail and she will help you 'along the way'.
(CD recorded in Eastern Passage at Ian Lewer's studio '

Thank you to the following Retailers for stocking our yoga CDs:
(please realize that for providing this service to us, retailers must mark up the cost, naturally)

'Into the Mystic'
1082 Cole Harbour Rd.


Coffee, Tea & Sea
Fisherman's Cove, Eastern Passage
(find them on facebook)

The above photos were taken from The Spoonstudio.


"According to Indian Philosophy, yoga is the system of gaining knowledge through direct experience.  A chemist may understand the molecular basis of a strawberry.  A geneticist may understand the DNA sequences that underlie different varieties of strawberries.  A botanist may know the precise soil and water requirements for a strawberry plant to thrive.  A Yogi knows the strawberry by taking a bite."
Deepak Chopra

Contact:  or (902) 403-9642 (YOGA)

Please visit our Holistic Workshops Page for upcoming Events whether you are a practicing Yogi  or a Yogi-in-waiting ...

A little History of The Spoonstudio

Gail & Wayne began The Spoonstudio in the Winter of 2001.

They had an idea for a wooden guitar stand that would
 be not only supportive, but aesthetically beautiful as well .  They created 'Spoonstands' from a variety of woods, hand-sewing the satin padding, hand-brushing the finish.  Spoonstands are presently residing across North America and Britain as well, comforting acoustic & electric guitars, mandolins, bouzoukis, resonators.
The 'Spoons' logo came from a combination of ideas:
Their hand-crafted stands cradled instruments perfectly like
2 spoons conforming in the kitchen drawer, snugly, safely.
Gail's baby spoon (visible near her drawing board at the time)
also happened to be in the shape of an 's' ...
which Gail & Wayne noticed at the same time.

Spoons cradle things ...hold things ... carry things ...
bring nourishment.
At The Spoonstudio, we hope that everything we do cradles hearts, holds space for  people to re-connect with their true nature, helps to carry them through difficult times, and brings nourishment to their souls.  Whether it be wood-working projects, music, yoga, meditation ... it's all the art of living.

Jai Bhagwan!

Owner/Operator Gail Fulop is 500hr Certified in the Amrit Yoga Method as well as 200hr Certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor & is currently working towards her 'Ayurveda & Yoga Specialist' training throught the Himalayan Institute.  She also draws from a variety of experiences & methods of Yoga believing that every 'style' has a myriad of offerings. 

(above:  Gail with Gurudev, March 2014)

"People come to yoga for different reasons.  Most are looking for a way to improve their health.  Others are interested in effective tools to manage stress.  Still others seek personal and spiritual growth.  Yoga offers all these things.  It's a practice that revitalizes the body, calms the mind, and deepens self-awareness.

Yoga works its magic by bringing body,  mind, and spirit
into a state of harmony & balance.  Focusing on the sensations that arise as you breathe & move bridges the chasm separating body & mind, allowing you to become fully present in your body.  A balanced sequence of yoga postures stretches and strengthens the entire body, releasing the chronic tension that so often dulls vitality.  As you conclude your yoga session with deep relaxation, energy naturally flows to the areas of your body most in need of rejuvenation & healing.  You leave feeling balanced, energized to resume your life, and naturally motivated to sustain your practice."
Richard Faulds (Senior Kripalu Instructor, Kripalu Ctre.)

"It is a non-secular practice which is open-minded meaning that you may bring your own beliefs in to the practice.  Yoga is not a 'religion' or a 'cult' ... it is a science.  The 'Science of Unlearning'.  

The Kripalu Method was designed by Yogi Amrit Desai, known by his dedicated followers as 'Gurudev' (Beloved Teacher).  Gail has been Trained in the 'Conscious Crossover' Techniques of the Amrit Yoga Method Revealed by Chandrakant (John Heisler), Kamini Desai, Dr. Vijay Jain (Ayurveda) and included
direct Darshan (direct energetic teachings) with Gurudev himself.  

By Gurudev's definition, "Difficulty in the practice of Yoga is not so much in learning what we do not know, but in unlearning what we have acquired so that what is inborn may manifest.  The true practice of yoga is founded on the
principle that we are born with every quality and strength we need already present within.  These are popularly known as intuition, insight, inner knowing, the inner voice, inspiration, etc.  But these capacities, which are the higher evolutionary manifestation of prana, are non-functional or inaccesible when they are suppressed by learned belief systems, concepts, habits and other behaviour patterns and attitudes, and preoccupation with meeting goals and ideals.  Therefore the whole practice of Kripalu Yoga is learning how to remove the mental suppressions and inhibitions that keep this higher intelligence from manifesting.  Kripalu Yoga is not for acquiring any so-called new knowledge from external sources but to awaken that which is already inborn."

Gurudev continues to refine these principles in the
Amrit Method®, an innovative and accessible system that enables one to harness the challenges of life as opportunities to awaken consciousness. Through Amrit Yoga, even novice students can experience the deepest levels of tranquility, and experience harmony with all that life brings.  Today, Kripalu and Amrit Method practices are taught by more than 5,000 certified teachers in 40 countries.   (To learn more about Gurudev & Amrit Yoga visit

"Yoga is very popular today, but what is popular is not truly Yoga." Gurudev

"To bring your practice, but more importantly, your life into a complete alignment with your prana ... to connect with your true self & free all mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual blocks ... I have found no better tools than in Gurudev's 'Conscious Crossover Methods' of Amrit Yoga."  Gail

Jai Dadaji, Jai Bapuji, Jai Gurudev!

In December 2012, Kripalu Teachers & Students gathered around the world to celebrate Swami Kripalvanandji's Mahasamadhi & what would have been his 100th Birthday.  Swami Kripalvanandji is Kripalu Yoga's namesake given by his Disciple Amrit Desai in honour of his most-esteemed Guru whom those who loved him called 'Bapuji'.   Locally, we gathered at The Fall River Yoga Center
 in Bapuji's honour for asanas & Satsanga.


 "To read uplifting books or listen to spiritual discourses is good.  But to practice even a little is of the utmost importance.  The profound meaning of yoga is understood only by those who study it systematically through personal practice.  The day you start to practice, your true progress will begin."           Swami Kripalvanandji (Bapuji)

"Like music, yoga has rhythm.  In your own practice this rhythm should be personal and specific to you.  The pace of your movement should ideally be set by the rhythm of your breathing which may change from practice to practice.  And most importantly ... listen to prana ...  be in tune with the Witness."

Some Yoga History

Yoga began between 6-10,000 years ago, possibly in the fertile valleys and mountainous areas of what is now Afghanistan.  During these ancient times, the practice was shared verbally in the language of Sanskrit, passed on through generations.  Today, we repeat the names of postures in Sanskrit to uphold the tradition.  It is believed that the 'postures' portion of Yoga helped to prepare the body for long periods of meditation.  The goal of reaching  'enlightenment' or 'oneness' can be more easily achieved if the body and mind are balanced in union.  "To be alive is to be active and if we want to avoid difficulties for ourselves and others, our actions must be benign and also beyond the grip of the ego.  A simple matter really, but how difficult to accomplish in daily life."  Georg Feuerstein

The word 'yoga' comes from the Sanskrit root 'yuj' meaning to yoke, unite ... a union.


Hatha Yoga
... a branch of Yoga that requires the aspirant to devote time to physical processes such as pranayama (breath & energy exercises) and asanas (physical exercises).

Karma Yoga ... the Yoga of service to others and your God.  The main thrust is the renunciation of fruits of action.  Selfless action.

Bhakti Yoga ... the path of love & devotion.  Rites, rituals, ceremonies are typically the focus.

Jnana Yoga ... a path oriented towards realizing the eternal in its' transcendent aspect.  The Jnana Yogi seeks to uncover his true self, separate from body or mind.  By denying what is transient, he hopes to abide in the eternal.

Raja Yoga ... "kingly Yoga", a branch which focuses mainly on meditation.  This is a precise system which is accessible to anyone regardless of current spiritual status.  It is a science in which each stage accomplished brings an increasing degree of peace & wisdom.  Patanjali (author of  famous 'Yoga Sutras' around 200BC) is generally recognized as the foremost exponent on Raja Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga ... focuses on awakening the soul's energy (kundalini), up the spine through energy centres called Chakras, activating them.

This site is in the midst of rebirth ... always!  Please anticipate irregular updates.  

Contact The Spoonstudio for more information.  

Please arrive to class at least 10 minutes prior to start time  to set-up your spot and get settled.  It is disruptive to 'centering' when Students arrive at the last minute or late.   Promptness is polite & appreciated.  Expect during the first class to spend a few minutes filling out a General Health Form and preparing your Facilitator with any health concerns/questions you may have.  We are a 'scent-conscious' environment and ask that everyone respect that.  Contact the Spoonstudio for class location details.

It is a wise Sage who wears comfortable clothing (nothing too restrictive and short sleeves for  when  you are warmed up), warm sweater (for relaxation period   'shavasana').  
We can provide pillows (small 'throw cushion' type)/blankets/mats for students who do
 not bring  their own.   

"We look forward to working with you and welcome everyone regardless of background. Kripalu & Amrit Yoga are for all ... young/old ... athletic/non-athletic!  Our objectives are that you leave class feeling refreshed and looking forward to your next session and that we help to foster in you a love of this ancient practice.  You may be suprised at the never-ending benefits of Yoga ...
not just on the mat." 


 Owner/Operator Gail Fulop, 500hr RYT is a Registered Member of:
 Yoga Alliance (

Gail received her 500hr Certification through the Amrit Institute with Gurudev (Yogacharya Amrit Desai) in March 2014.  She received her 200hr Certification in Teacher Training through AYTT with Jody Myers and Silver Frith in June 2008, previously having practiced Yoga on her own since 1993.  Prior to that, among a host  of other things, she was a Fitness Instructor certified through the YM/YWCA and taught at various locations including what used to be 'Halifax Parks & Rec', The 'Spa' at the Interlude in Dartmouth, and the YM/YWCA.  Her Holistic approach to life itself is apparent in all she does, combining spirituality with artwork, wood crafting, songwriting, musical performances.  Her hope is that she is providing some sort of blueprint for her Daughter & Step-Daughter (both in what do to & what 'not' to do). 

"be all you can be, do what you love, love what you do, practice self-less service."

She is grateful for the teachings of Jody Myers, Silver Frith, Jean Short, Brad Surette, Mike Munro, Nova Scotia Health & Promotion, Coeli Marsh, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women & Sport & Physical Activity, Amrit Desai at the Amrit Institute (  in Salt Springs Florida and WAH! at Discovery Yoga in St. Augustines, Florida.  'inspire yoga' has hosted workshops facilitated by Yogi Yogendra Mishra (Rishikesh, India), Monique Ryan (Serpentine Studios), Yvonne MacCor (Ayurveda Specialist), Brad Surette (Reiki Master & Psychic/Medium), Sean Drohan (host of Eastlinks' 'path of yoga'), Mandee Labelle (host of yogaheart radio CKDU & yogaheart yoga Owner/Operator), Silver Frith (co-founder of AYTT), Veronica Sherwood (Owner/Operator of 'Hidden Space Yoga' Halifax), Michi Morioka (Owner of MM Yoga in Japan) and Yogi Krishan Verma (Owner of Happy Turtle Yoga in Halifax) to name a few.  You may occasionally see her leading the 'Chair Yoga' episodes on Eastlink TVs 'path of yoga' with Sean Drohan as well.
Gail is continually upgrading her Education: certified in 'Yoga for Seniors', 'Yoga & Osteoporosis', 'Yoga & Dance', Reiki Level 3.   She completed training with the 'Yoga Thrive Program' based out of Calgary Alberta ( which is a program tailored to the needs of Cancer Survivors as well as those struggling with Cancer and also their Support Persons.  This program was led by Tyla Anderson and focused on Hatha yoga that suits the needs of these people. 

She is currently attending classes with Faculty of the Himalayan Institute (  to receive her 'Yoga & Ayurveda Specialist' , led by
 Sarah Guglielmi & Kathryn Templeton.


(duet: Gail Fulop & Wayne Slaunwhite)

Gail & her Musical/life Partner Wayne Slaunwhite provide a warm 'Kirtan-like' experience (they call 'Salving the Soul') as well as other Musical Offerings through 'Acacia' (see this page on our site).  Wayne has been a 'Rock/Country' Drummer for over 40 years (remember popular locals:  'The Fossil Band'?), however his love for guitar since the creation of The Spoonstudio, has fine-tuned his finger picking talents tenfold. He provides a soft sweet style on the acoustic and a strong raunchy drive on his Fender.  He has natural skills on the mandolin & banjo as well and his vocals are appreciated both as backup and lead on a few of his favourites. 

 Gail has been a Vocalist for several years now with various groups, Holy Smoke (Rock Band at St. Peter's Church), 1st Class (Lounge Band with Cory Adams & Ian Mosher), Saved By Grace (Gospell Choir led by Shauntay Grant.  This group was the Halifax Representation in Vision TVs 'The Gospell Challenge', aired on Vision TV as a 'Choir Competition' in Toronto).

    Gail also provides a compassionate Palliative Care Ministry with a mix of meditations, music, discussions for those nearing the end of this life & preparing for a
 'timeless state of being'.


Watch Eastlink's
 'the path of yoga'
with Sean Drohan
aired every weekday morning

Tune in to these 1/2 hour Yoga classes every morning as the perfect  complement to your existing practice with a Certified Instructor.  Local Instructors were graciously invited to share the mats with Host Sean Drohan.  Mandee Labelle, Jeanine Saulnier, Helen Fong, Tracy Cyprick and Gail Fulop along with many others!  This is a great way to start your day.  The filming was done at the Alderney Gate Terminal, the Shambala Center on Tower Rd. in Halifax, Pier 21 in Halifax & Kings Landing, Dartmouth.  Thank you Sean & Eastlink TV for providing an opportunity for everyone with a television set to experience the beauty of Yoga!

Sean Drohan, Gail Fulop, Josh Coleman during the taping of "the path of yoga"


 with Mandee Labelle!
 Airs BI-WEEKLY on CKDU 88.1fm in Halifax on Wednesdays from 2:30-4pm AST. Mandee Labelle shares her joy of radio, music, and yoga with listeners twice a month following the Nonduality Talk Radio program with host Jerry Katz.
Wednesday afternoons are good for radio!

Mark your calendars and Tune in every second Wednesday @ 2:30pm
Atlantic Standard Time.

You can access the broadcast here, or visit for show archives and further information

RadioTime is also a good online resource for listening to radio from around the world.

(Search their archives for a previous interview with 'Acacia'!

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