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"People come to yoga for different reasons. Most are looking for a way to improve their health. Others are interested in effective tools to manage stress. Still others seek personal and spiritual growth. Yoga offers all these things."

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Looking to hire a duet for your next function?  Guitar, bass, percussion and soothing vocals ... all in this Duet.  Years of experience in a wide variety of genres: rock, country, Gospel, Christian, Kirtan, blues, bluegrass, they've done it all.


"Got to see and hear the ocean, feel a beautiful ocean breeze, see some chickadees, and dolphins all while doing yoga at the beautiful 'inspire yoga' in Eastern Passage - the perfect end to a day :)"      facebook post from Laura

'Christmas Treasures', 'Café 175', 'Tallahassee Days', 'The Pirate Jamboree', 'Top Hat & Tales' ... these are some of the Events designed & coordinated by Spoons Productions.  

Our latest venture is now in bloom: 


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